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Celebrities…they’re just like you and me, right?  Well not exactly in terms of lifestyle, but one can assume they deal with similar personal dilemmas on a daily basis. For women, one of the biggest challenges is finding a bra that actually looks pretty yet is comfortable, multifunctional, and supportive. However, most women neglect to discover their true fit size.

In the most recent issue of InTouch weekly celebrity comedian, Joan Rivers, discusses her most important things on her bucket list. At the top of her list was to “find a bra that fits me”. She goes on to say that she would like to have a “bra that fits where it should…mine feels like a foot warmer.” For a woman who has it all- fame, fortune, and an unapologetic wit- Rivers epitomizes the 85% of women who also feel as if they are wearing a foot warmer around their breast.  The question still remains, why do women continue to be misinformed about the importance of wearing the right bra size?!

Throughout the 37 years that Bits of Lace has been in business, it has become apparent that the main reasons for why women wear the wrong cup and band size are because they have either never been properly fitted or they don’t see the benefits in financially investing in undergarments. Yet how often do we participate in activities that have no financial value to our appearance or self-confidence. No matter your age or size, it’s ultimately the feeling and presentation of wearing the correct size that makes a difference.  Strengthening women’s inner confidence and enhancing their knowledge on bra fit and care are the main ingredients to the recipe that make up Bits of Lace.


Author: McKenzie Welch (mckenzie@bitsoflace.com)

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