Our January Woman of the Month, Sarena James, instantly won us over with her shining smile and sunny disposition. A fellow blogger, Sarena documented her own Bits of Lace Story just beautifully, picking up on the little details that make our boutique so fabulous. Her story reminds us how lucky we are to provide women with a mini-retreat of fun, beauty and empowerment with a simple bra fitting or personal lingerie shopping session. Thank you Sarena for sharing your experience! (We’re ECSTATIC to have one more Prima Donna bra convert in town!)

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stood in front of a dressing room mirror and broke into spontaneous applause because I felt that good about what I was trying on. Actually, it has only happened once, at a recent trip to Bits of Lace, in Charleston, South Carolina.

The store, without a doubt, is flawless; beautiful. The hardwood floors, high ceilings, and the bits of daintiness draped on hangers and folded neatly in dresser drawers, instantly placed me away from it all. For all of the things I am, wife, mother of three, advocate for children with special needs, www.onaisle9.com, writer, huge fan of Theater Arts, this mirror only picked up on a single reflection. Here, in this small space, there was just enough room for me. #pampered

Before my fitting, I freely browsed and found the loveliest sets of sleepwear and pieces of lingerie, offered in the most breathtaking colors. (Honestly, you’ve never seen teal quite like this!) It was like being in a gallery of wearable art. The attention to detail was amazing. Embroidered petite flowers, perfectly tied satin bows, and sheer tulle, worked together just beautifully!

After being fitted and educated about proper bra support by General Manger/Buyer Zee Patel (she is so knowledgeable) I was completely impressed by the beauty of Prima Donna’s Stockholm bra. What a lovely collection! Nearly an hour later, (Exactly where did the time go?), I had a Bits of Lace Bag in hand and inside were a few fine pieces that made me smile! I waved good-bye to the friendly staff, (Ellen you are such a great listener) and thanked them for a wonderful get-away. 

Sold on the uniqueness of the Prima Donna Collection, I knew the true test would be in its daily comfort. Generally in life it’s good to know who your supporters are, but in this case, the best support is the one you forget is there. Seldom do you find comfort and beauty existing together, but happily, I finally have found both!

Who knew that one bra could give your entire wardrobe a lift? Indeed, the proper fit, makes everything fit better! xoxo

See Sarena’s photoshoot at City Lights Coffee with new friend, Lacey the BOL Mannequin.