She walked into Bits of Lace looking for “the perfect bra” and left as our new best friend.

Who is this month’s Bits of Lace Woman? She’s Nathalie Gregg, a go-getter in the truest sense of the word, an inspirational business woman with a home base in Columbia, South Carolina.  Nathalie travels throughout the Carolinas, fulfilling speaking engagements, leading college courses, empowering women with her book “Leading in Stilettos” and leaving a lasting impression on everyone in her wake.

Nathalie’s search for the perfect bra came up dry in Columbia. On one particular trip to Charleston for a FemFessionals Luncheon, Nathalie heard a bra-fitting buzz about Bits of Lace. She decided to swing through and try her luck.

On this grey Friday afternoon, those of us in the office heard laughter reverberating through the boutique below. There was just something about the sound that compelled us to go downstairs and meet the woman behind the laugh. Turns out, it was Nathalie, posted up inside the fitting room with our bra-fitting master/store manager, Erin Yates.

It doesn’t take long for anyone to get comfortable with Erin due to her sweet Southern charm and bra expertise. Nathalie was determined to learn every bit of information about Bits of Lace foundation pieces, and that’s just what she did. After all, her personal mission of “daring women to soar” begins quite literally-from the inside out. Properly-fitting foundation garments position women for excellence. No woman should deny herself the confidence stemmed from wearing a great bra.

At the conclusion of her fitting session, Nathalie found “the one”, a beautiful Prima Donna bra from the Deauville Collection. The Deauville is a fan favorite both at the boutique and online. Its fit on a large bust is phenomenal (and its pretty lacy details don’t hurt, either.) The Deauville Collection is intricately designed to lift, center and shape the breasts. Prima Donna is now Nathalie’s favorite (bra) brand to rock.

Nathalie is obviously passionate about empowering women. Her new bra fitting knowledge was too valuable to keep to herself, so she shared the testimony with her friends at The Center for Women, Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and FemCity Columbia.

Nathalie now feels confident, strong, and chic as she “Rocks Her Brand” in her Bits of Lace foundations. Join us in welcoming her into the Bits of Lace family.