Have you felt the Lee Batten Effect? If you live in Charleston, I bet you have. You’ve experienced it if you caught her happy, upbeat contagion upon first introduction. You’ve experienced it if you’ve taken home a washing machine or couch from the Junior League’s Whale of a Sale or ran in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Race for the Cure 5K. You’ve felt it if you were served a warm, delicious breakfast while your child was a patient at the MUSC Children’s Hospital. If you’ve been hearing more about “Loving Your Colon” and the simple ways to prevent the killer disease, you’ve felt the Lee Batten Effect, too.

Lee’s powerful philanthropic effects are felt all throughout the city. Just how does she do it? Aside from being an amazing, tenacious woman, she’s also getting a little help from Bits of Lace.

Lee and Lacey, the BOL Mannequin, dressed in blue for Colon Cancer Awareness

For an on-the-go, hectic lifestyle, a girl’s gotta have a good bra. As our November Woman of the Month, Lee was fit for a style of bra to take her from the trenches of day-of charity event planning, to photoshoots, speaking engagements and the front row of a fashion show.  

Bits of Lace General Manager, Zee Patel, fit Lee in a Prima Donna Satin Spacer Bra. What makes the Satin Spacer Bra so perfect for a woman like Lee is its versatility. Its smooth, seamless cups make it a great t-shirt bra for everyday wear. It is cut low enough to sport under plunging necklines and formal wear. The Prima Donna Satin Spacer uses high tech simplex fabric that reacts to body heat and conforms to each woman’s unique body shape. This fabric construction is extremely breathable, so it feels light and dry, even if Lee is running around like crazy. Another plus? The Satin Spacer Bra is lightweight and easy to pack for Lee’s trips to awareness events in New York City or upstate for the Unmasking Colon Cancer Ball.

Check out the rest of Lee's photoshoot

Bits of Lace is so thankful to have our home base in Charleston, a city that is undoubtedly a better place because of Lee’s beautiful, giving spirit. We’re glad to be able to support Lee and her many projects. 

Join Lee and the Center for Colon Cancer Research to prevent Colorectal Cancer, a disease that effects millions of women and men each year.