On photo shoot day for Bits of Lace’s first skirt! Magazine feature, it’s a sticky, sweaty July morning. This is the kind of day that makes you wonder if it’s necessary to move away from your AC vent, let alone get dolled up and be photographed.

Julie walks in the store looking totally unruffled, gorgeous and fresh as ever. She’s wearing a floral dress and flats with a pair of heels in hand, ready to switch out for the photos. Julie lets out a big, infectious laugh and the morning moves along without a hitch.

From her pixie haircut you wish you could pull off, to her quick wit and awesome magazine gig, we all want a friend like Julie. As a fellow Northerner, I can still detect a hint of her native New York when she speaks, but she exudes every bit of Southern grace, confidence and charm that a local belle has.

Julie is a true Bits of Lace woman and we’d like to believe the boutique laid part of the foundation for her success. As a College of Charleston student, Julie worked at Bits of Lace’s lower King Street location. Under the guidance of both original owner and current owner, Margaret Bobo and Ruth Brennan respectively, Julie clocked countless hours fitting Charleston women for their perfect bra.

Julie’s time at the shop was more than just a paycheck, it was an experience. This is where she learned the importance of great fitting bras, the fun of lingerie, and the instant confidence and power women feel when wearing a Bits of Lace bra.

Julie worked at Bits of Lace right up until she began her career at skirt! Magazine. Not only did she bring along some fun bras (some of which, she still owns!), she brought Bits of Lace values, too.  Bits of Lace is proud to support Julie in this stage of her career while bringing our message to skirt! readers.

Julie is just one example of the loyal, remarkable women who shop with us and believe in our brands and boutique. Check back in with us each month as we feature a different Bits of Lace woman. Like Bits of Lace on Facebook to see more photos and keep in touch with us all month.