The pages of my notebook are flooded with notes and scribbles on “What Makes a Bits of Lace Woman.” All these qualities leap off paper and come to life at the Grand Ideas office. Here, a trio of smart, savvy and hilarious women create tailor made promotional pieces for companies and events in the lowcountry and beyond. Led by Grandee Ray and her right hand women, Melissa Henry and Sarah Krapfel, this small and mighty team spreads their ingenuity all over town in the form of custom koozies, metals, tote bags, pens and everything in between. Look around your office: I bet you have a “grand idea” sitting in your pencil holder or hanging on your coat rack.

The Grand Ideas Team with Lacey and Bitsy

You can’t go-to-task promoting Charleston’s largest events, companies and conferences without proper support. Grandee has been a Bits of Lace devotee for over 30 years, since our early days on Vendue Range. A fitting experience with owner Ruth Brennan forever changed her outlook on bra shopping. She now spreads the word and is all about bra fitting awareness.

Like most women, Grandee assumed she was wearing the right bra size, but never thought too much about it: until a one-on-one fitting session. Ruth put Grandee in a more accurate size and found her a go-to bra, the PrimaDonna Satin Spacer. After years of loyally shopping for PrimaDonna bras, Grandee is too in love with the style, fit and quality to buy anything else. As she said herself, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Grandee also shops our sleepwear and foundation departments- a proud owner of a SNUG Camisole in nearly every color…

We love bra fitting fellow business women like Grandee, Melissa, Sarah, who believe in taking time out to care for themselves. And, what better way than with fun, beautiful, quality-made bras and lingerie? A properly fitting bra is more than just that.  It’s a little piece of empowerment- a secret of success. When you’re able to slip on a bra and only think about how great you feel (not “my straps are falling off” or “these cups don’t fit right”), that’s the kind of inspiration to take on the world, or the city of Charleston. Whichever you please. Just ask the women at Grand Ideas.