Black, White, and Nude are staple color bras for every ladies wardrobe but how do you wear them? Each color has its own set of benefits. Let’s explore them!

Prima Donna Menton Plunge Bra


Not only does a black bra have sex appeal but it is truly a necessity to every wardrobe. As important as a little black dress, or a great pair of pumps, a gorgeous black bra is a great go too! The key to wearing a black bra is to wear it under black or dark colors.




Marie Jo Lingerie Avero Style 010-0418


For years white has been the classic go to color, which has been imprinted on most of us.  What many of us don’t realize is white is not the best color for, you guessed it, to wear under white. White clashes with your skin tone thus it is easily seen under white clothing. If you are going to wear a white bra think of it as more of a fashion color and have fun with it.



Marie Jo L'aventure Tom Contour Bra


First nude is different for every person, from lighter to darker colors you have to pick a nude that flatters your skin tone. Picking a nude that is the closest to your skin tone will keep your bra almost invisible under your garments. Nudes are fabulous for white tops and sheer blouses.

Every bra has its own personality and importance just like every woman. Embrace the pros of your bras and see your style in a whole new way.