Have you been wondering how to take care of your luxurious intimate apparel?  Well, we have the answer: SOAK!  Soak can be used on most everything in your fabulous wardrobe, but is particularly great for those delicate items that just can’t handle a machine cycle or the harshness of your traditional detergent.  Soak wash is a super easy hand-washing process!  There is no better way to take care of your most favorite pieces.  Whether you are washing that lacy new bra and panty set, getting the salt and sand out of your bright colored bathing suit or cleaning your precious hand knit sweater, soak is the answer.  Hand washing these items will keep them looking new, preserve the beautiful colors and extend the life of the elasticity without stretching them out.  Not only will soak leave your items refreshingly clean, you can also choose from wonderful scents like Yuzu, Lacey, Aquae, Celebration and the Scentless formula for sensitive skin. Available in a larger 14oz to the perfect travel 3oz size.

Following these simple steps will turn you into a hand-washing pro:

  • Pour one teaspoon (or one squeeze) of Soak into a gallon of cool water.  Make sure there is enough room for the water to completely cover your item.
  • Soak it for 15 minutes.
  • Gently squeeze out the water, no need to rinse!  Some color may bleed into the water, but not to worry, this will not harm your garment).  It comes out in the machine was as well, you just don’t see it there.
  • Lay items flat to dry.

We suggest washing your bras every one to two wears, this will make them last longer.  If you haven’t washed the item in a while, you will probably see dirt and/or oil in the water.  If the water is really dirty, drain it and soak a second time.  Lay the item flat on a clean towel and roll it up to remove any excess water.

 Special Eco Notes:  Soak wash is so gentle you could bath in it.

From product, to formula to packaging, Soak is Eco-friendly. Soak is biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-toxic and dye-free.

Made from recyclable label substrate and water-based, environmentally safe inks. Soak bottles are recyclable.

Soak’s ingredients are safe on your skin. Soak uses a higher than necessary ingredients to provide care for your fine washables.

Soak is a no-rinse product, but it is recommended to rinse your fine lingerie undergarments.