How to Hand-wash like a Pro!

Everyday, women come into our boutique to be fitted by our specialists and fall in love with the fit, style, color, and comfort of our fine lingerie.  However, some do not want to hand wash their bras! I completely understand why we think hand washing can sound horrible, but the washing machine sounds horrible to me! The washing machine can destroy hooks, elasticity, deform wires and overstretch. I believe if I am going spend the money for fantastic bras, I might as well take 5 minutes twice a week to wash them!  (Or after every other wear.) At Bits of Lace we have a simple routine! Try this once for yourself and you will see how easy it really is to take the best care of your bras in a short amount of time!

Here are the steps we swear by:

  1. Make sure you rotate your bras every wear, to every other wear. By rotating your bras you are guaranteeing that the elasticity has a chance to rest and your bras will last up to three years.
  2. Fill your bathroom sink with cool to lukewarm water.
  3. Separate your bras into lights and dark’s. For lights think white, ivory, light pink, and nudes; for dark’s think: blues, purples, grays, and blacks.
  4. For your detergent we suggest Forever New, an organic, hypoallergenic fabric wash composed of gentle ingredients, meant to draw oil and sweat and restore elasticity and color to your lingerie and other hosiery. Forever New is available in the classic granular formulation (Forever New 32 oz., 8oz., and 4 oz.), a liquid formula ideal for dark fabrics (Ovacion 16 oz.) and an amazing stain remover, perfect for silks and cashmere.
  5. Add Forever New to the water. Swish your hand in to mix the fabric wash, then add your delicates. Start with the lights then wash the dark’s in TWO separate washes. (Let the lights sit for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and dry flat. Add darks once lights are out of the sink)
  6. Agitate areas that are dirty. Allow to soak for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly; the best way to remove access water is to squeeze gently or roll in a clean towel.
  7. Allow to dry flat! This will insure your bra returns to its original shape.*

Another plus to Forever New is being able to save dresses and sweaters that say DO NOT DRY CLEAN. How am I supposed to clean my white silk and sequin dress!? I just spot clean with the Stain Remedy, and put it in the sink with Forever New Granular wash. Let it sit, rinse, and lie flat to dry. This way I know it isn’t going through a washing machine, or dryer. Sometimes I have to steam the item after hand washing but that is a breeze too!

Let us know your hand washing routine for your bras! We would love to know any special tips and tricks you have come up with!

*See our Bra Care Guide for more information on hand washing

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