Strutting outside in our undergarments isn’t exactly your typical good fashion day. But this season, the runways say otherwise. And really, who can argue with couture? So prepare to get trendy, and perhaps a little scantily clad, because the latest fashion trend is all about showcasing your lingerie! Here are a few tips on how to wear lingerie as outerwear to help you pull off this trend in high style!

Nighties As Dresses

Styles like expensive nighties are getting way more wearability these days. Slip into your favorite piece and take it out on the town—restaurants, lounges, you name it! Your nightie should ideally feature a V-neck line with spaghetti straps and lace trimming. Just remember to wear a strapless bra underneath so you can maintain the effect of a bare décolleté and shoulders. Black and navy versions in silk or satin are the most popular and fortunately the most flattering!

You may wear the nightgown on its own for a steamy vibe—but for chillier evenings out, consider donning it with a fur vest, jacket or cardigan. Finish the outfit with stilettos or ankle booties and you’re ready to go!

Silk Robe Coats

Forget about that boring pea coat. This year is all about decadence! So naturally, the silk robe has risen to the heights of fashion. It’s just sultry enough to invoke your inner goddess but demure enough to be worn in public spaces.

The robe jacket is usually worn long, below the knee, and tied at the waist. However, if you prefer to wear your robe coat opened for a layered effect, make sure your outfit underneath has neutral tones such as black, pearl or sand. This styling approach will let you coordinate the outfit more easily and appear much more sophisticated.

Lace, Lace And, You Guessed It, More Lace!

Why does it feel so good to to be bad? Take a walk on the dark side with black lace. It’s the sexiest fabric of the season, available on all types of clothing—especially skirts and chemises. Lace skirts are super trendy in high-waisted styles, most commonly with a floral design. Lace bustiers are also very popular, which can be worn elegantly under a blazer.

If you’re worried about looking too sexy, have no fear. When learning how to wear lingerie as outerwear, you can find the right pieces that show enough skin for your comfort level—not too racy and certainly not too lacey. So go all out and work it!

Fuzzy Slippers

Who ever thought lazy lounging could look chic? Well, according to the dozens of runway models catwalking in fuzzy-slippers, the verdict is that you can! Cozy and fluffy, these slippers are comfortable, easy to wear and fully functional. Just ask Kim Kardashian who was spotted strutting the streets of LA in her fave black slippers!

You can wear any colored slipper. The sky’s truly the limit here. Of course, black is always the safest way to go, while white may seem like you just stumbled out of a spa—but hey, who’s judging? Do what makes you happy!

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Slipping into something more comfortable just took on a whole new meaning. Next time you dress up, try dressing down, and maybe even take your nightie out on the town. The lingerie as outerwear trend is a girl’s best frock (diamonds are still a best friend). But one thing’s certain. In order to pull off this look, you’ll want high quality, gorgeous pieces that really show you know what you’re doing.

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