WF4-1024x1024Have you ever thought about what it would be like to meet the Chief Executive Officer of one of the fastest growing and innovative men’s designer underwear brands? I’ll admit, I haven’t met many CEO’s of companies in my lifetime, so of course I was thrilled when I heard Tim Bartels, CEO of SAXX Underwear, was making the long trip from Canada to visit our lingerie boutiques in Charleston. In the days leading up to Bartels arrival, I decided to do a little research (aka, stalking) on the man who has been noted as one of the best businessmen in the outdoor athletic apparel industry. I was fascinated at what I found. Bartel’s resume is unlike any other, in that it is filled with career highlights ranging from sales and senior level positions at companies such as DC Shoes, KEEN, Nike, and Columbia. And his places of employment aren’t what make his resume shinny, instead, it’s the unique success he’s brought to each company along his professional journey that make him stand out. I won’t spend time discussing his career achievements, just type his name into your search engine and let it speak for itself. What you will find is incredible, such as Bartels leadership involvement in a 200% growth in revenue over a 36 month period for the footwear brand, Sorel.

But you see, Bartels career triumphs aren’t what make him intriguing. His humbling confidence, positive attitude toward failures, and ambitious approach in taking risks are, in my opinion, the ingredients of what makes up his recipe for prosperity. Which leads me to SAXX Underwear.

SAXX Underwear introduced Bartels as their Chief Executive Officer earlier this year in January. At the time, Bartels was employed as the Vice President of Global Footwear Sales at Columbia Sportswear. Bartels will be the first to tell you that coming from a career background in athletic apparel and footwear, to embarking on a CEO position for an up and coming men’s designer underwear brand, was definitely a change of course. However, SAXX was confident he could position the brand, expanding their market and increasing their sales. True to expectation, Bartels did just that. And the future he foresees for the brand exceeds the average imagination.

So you may ask, why SAXX over ordinary men’s designer underwear? And my answer is this, the mesh panel innovation and superior comfort are perfect for a man’s two best friends and all the activities they do together.


JoshRoenicke-1024x576“I can honestly say SAXX are one of a kind. I have worn them casually and I have worn them athletically, no matter what they are the top of the line.”

– Josh Roenicke, MLB Pitcher



photo(2)(McKenzie Welch, Tim Bartels, Zee Patel, Lauren Dehaven)

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