Traveling… it’s a love-hate relationship that all women can relate to in some way or another. On one hand, we love the luxury of relaxing and indulging in new cultures, yet on the other hand, we absolutely despise the inevitable chore of packing and unpacking. Most women have mastered a traveling regimen of waiting until the night before, or even the morning of, to pack away their vacay essentials. However, once our 20-something outfits – for a five day rendezvous – are neatly tucked away into our suitcase, we suddenly begin to realize we’ve left only a small, fully exposed pocket space for our most precious and delicate skivvies.  As a result, we’re left smushing, twisting, and even flattening out our bras and panties, all for the sake of making the TSA 50 lb weight limit. So you ask, what’s a gal to do in such an undergarment crisis? Well, meet lingerie’s newest wanderlust essential, The Bra Bag.

With tons of colors and patterns to match all of your luggage pieces, “The Brag Company” has developed an ingenious way to store your bras: on a plane, train, automobile, or even at home in your closet! The bag’s versatility, compact size, and unique cup design are why women everywhere are going crazy for this tote. With the “Buxom” Bra Bag, you can pack away up to 6 bras, without damaging them. Whether they are full cup bras, strapless bras, or just your simple sports bras, the “Buxom” Bra Bag can accommodate a variety of padded and non-padded styles, shapes, and sizes up to 36G and 38F.  With its functional snap closures and easy to carry handle, the Bra Bag is the perfect piece to add to your luggage collection for a quick weekend trip, a summer excursion, or a honeymoon getaway. Shop the Bra Bag exclusively in store, call to order 843.577.0999 or 843.531.6625

“Buxom” Bra Bag in Tiffany Cups C-G $60.00


Brag Bra Bag in Katie Cups D-FF $60.00

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