For every little mishap there is a little solution: Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Hollywood Fashion Tape Red Carpet AssortmentHollywood Fashion Tape takes care of all the “uh-oh” and “oh-no!” moments that are bound to happen sometimes. This super sticky, safe-on-fabrics tape will assist you with an emergency hem, closing that little gap between buttons and hiding small rips or tears that happen where and when you least need them (always!). Another favorite function of Hollywood Fashion Tape is to secure garments into place, either directly to the skin or to another fabric (think shirts that are low cut on the side or jackets that keep flapping open).

Hollywood Fashion Tape TipsSo don’t panic! Keep a little box of Hollywood Fashion Tape in your purse for any and all fashion emergencies and you will never feel exposed again.

Lace and Love,

Tara Lynn