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The classic full body suit has long been hailed as the ultimate in slimming shape wear for women. With its impeccable ability to smooth, control, slim and contour a woman’s curves to perfection, it’s a truly coveted piece that every woman needs in her collection. So, imagine a piece that combines the functionality of the full body suit without the worry of a visible panty , and still all of its wondrous , seamless slimming benefits with a thong panty style back. If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry ladies, it’s real and is here to fulfill all your style needs at Bits of As always, we have everything you need to create a perfect ensemble and accompanying silhouette.

A shaping thong provides all the control and comfort a traditional shaping piece without the worry of an unsightly visible panty line. The thong is designed with a thick, two-fold high cut comfort waistband that prevents slipping while slimming your stomach area. The slim thong-style rear coverage prevents any panty lines from making an appearance as an unwelcome guest in your ensemble. Available as a single high waisted piece , or a as a traditional body suit with straps and a thong back, women have long been loving the benefits of this piece. Usually covering from the navel to the hips, they are also cut as high as above the breast, or designed to simply cover the stomach and rear. This breathable fabric provides the ultimate in comfort and control without the uncomfortable binding feeling that is often associated with some pieces of shape wear. Crafted with a breathable cotton gusset and silicone waistband, all styles provide complete slimming control over the back, stomach and across the hips for a perfectly feminine shape.

The higher cut option of this classic piece comes to rest high on the waist, just below the apex of the breasts, and is quite popular among women looking for a totally seamless fit from their shape wear. The wide top band is stretchy and comfortable, without fear of sliding down or constricting around the ribs. The option to wear your favorite bra with this piece is an extra added comfort and one that will not go unappreciated. The high waisted thong is cut for comfort and virtually invisible under clothing.

The full body suit option with a strong, supportive built in underwire is an ideal selection for the larger busted set or for curvy women simply seeking a more comfortable piece of nearly backless shape wear. With super comfortable, fully adjustable straps, and made of a strong, flexible fabric that slenderizes problem areas, this piece seems to take inches of the waist line. A seamless cut and sexy thong back are sure to appease and offer you the most in the way of style options. Cover up any little imperfections and be sure to create a gorgeous shape, no matter what you're wearing.

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