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Boy shorts panties have long been a popular choice for women seeking a comfortable, more modest approach to shape wear; rather than opting for a low cut thong or the more common, conventional style of shape wear panties that are usually seen in today’s world. They have become even more popular as of late with their ability to diminish the age old worry of a visible panty line and are often seen paired with a camisole or spaghetti strap tank top for added coverage and to also minimize the bust. Uniquely cut to go all the way down the hips they are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, while flattering a woman's figure and creating a truly irresistible shape for the wearer.

At Bits of we are committed to making sure you step out to greet the day with confidence in your favorite outfit. We know that sometimes every woman needs to add a little extra lift and firmness to her buttocks and to smooth over any problem areas, typically in the hips and in the thighs. A shape wear secret every woman should have in her collection is the classic boy short shaping panty. With a variety of styles and cuts, these seamless shorts help to reduce the appearance of any areas you may not be so comfortable with. Dare to wear them with your favorite sexy mini skirt, skinny jeans, low cut dresses and those short shorts without any worry of an unsightly appearance to your figure.

Designed to minimize the appearance of your abdomen, hips and thighs, while providing a firm, comfortable lift and coverage of your rear end, these shorts are non-binding and breathable. Sitting at the apex of your natural waist and seamlessly slimming on their way down to your mid thigh, these shorts are as comfortable as they are functional. Made of smooth, slimming satin and soft edging with a comfortable cotton gusset, they can be worn for long periods of time without the worry of slippage or discomfort from a tight waist band. These shorts are commonly seen as a boy short cut, which is higher up on the thigh and perfect for giving your bottom that perfect, appealing round shape you so desire. They are also seen as a modernly high cut, with more of a high waist for extra support and contouring of the waist and stomach area, which can sometimes be troublesome problem areas for a lot of women, while also providing seamless coverage of the thigh area. They have come a long way since their debut as a shorter take on nontraditional men’s boxer briefs for women. Looking to combine the comfort that men have long coveted in this piece, boy shorts have evolved into the adorable panties we see today paired with tap sets, or as additions to our favorite lingerie pieces, and now even into the realm of shape wear where they are a favorite of many women and a fully functional style option ; rather than wearing a full body shape wear or constricting corset to reduce the stomach and hip area.

Usually found in neutral tones, these shorts are available in nude (Caffe Latte) , natural (traditional off white) and charcoal black, these shape wear shorts are in stock in some of your favorite designer collections ! Never again will you have to sacrifice style for comfort, or worry that you look less than perfect. You can have it all and more, thanks to this wonderful piece of shape wear. Women the world over are gratefully bearing their gorgeous figures with pride and strutting in total comfort knowing that they are looking their very best each day.  

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