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Full Body

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3 Item(s)

Bits of Lace carries seamless, full body shape wear, so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. Our full body shape wear provides all over shape, support and coverage in one high quality garment. Full body shapewear pieces prevent the bulge that can occur with the stop and start of other compression garments. All your shaping problems solved in one fell swoop.

Typically known as a "foundation garment" a Full body controlwear piece is made to last and keep you looking smooth and wonderful under any ensemble. Women have been wearing foundation garments such as these for a very long time, and some of them have been essential to fashion trends and new waves of culture. Coming in both a legging style and a slip dress style the full body suit covers your entire body and every curve you could ever worry about. Slimming the body to hide any unwanted areas and enhancing by improving upon your female form these garments are meant to keep you looking confident and wonderful under any ensemble.

These garments can come in many styles such as the slip dress style or even just a high-waisted long leg panty or capri if you only want to smooth from the waist down. Some come with built in cups. Look no further for any other control wear or shape wear piece here at Bits of Lace we will "smooth" over your worries and support your strengths to the fullest.

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