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Bits of Lace offers robes to fit every woman's lifestyle. We carry a wide variety of fabrics, fits, sleeve and gown lengths. If you're a busy, breakfast-making mother or relaxing on a spa vacation, you are guaranteed to find the perfect robe here.

An essential companion to every woman's nightwear collection is the ever classic robe. Since the 1920's, fine and detailed robes have been worn by women as both an around the house accessory, and a teaser for sultry undergarments as well. Quite popular in many spa and vacation destinations, the robe is standard issue; usually worn to soothe the wearer and help to provide the ultimate in relaxation. At Bits of Lace, our robes are the pinnacle of luxury and the perfect choice for wear after a relaxing bubble bath, readying for bedtime, or preparing your favorite breakfast in the morning. Stylish and cozy, these designer robes, available in a variety of fabrics, colors, styles, cuts and lengths are sure to leave you swaddled in total comfort.

The robe has always played an important part historically, and has gone through many transformations along the way. The kimono for example, is an integral part of Japanese culture which is famous for its luxurious silks and ceremonial method of putting it on. Regardless of the style of robe and the purpose, here at Bits of Lace we strive to only provide you with the best possible selection and highest quality robes available.

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