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11 Item(s)

A chemise is a short, flirty, sleeveless night gown with an A-line silhouette. A perfect addition to your evening lingerie collection. Bits of Lace offers chemises in many luxurious fabrics including silk, satin and lace.

A slight new age take on the Night shirt, is the Chemise. Providing all the comfort and warmth of a night shirt, now it is quite a popular night time choice for many women. The chemise is a piece of long, sleeveless sleepwear in a variety of styles, cuts and fabrics; including an adorable baby doll cut or with thin spaghetti straps. Providing as much comfort and style as all of our sleepwear choices, this garment is sure to be a defined crowd pleaser. Simply detailed with lace and coyly seductive, women are sure to fall in love with this classic flirty piece of lingerie.

The term chemise originally refers to an older garment of which we have no need for any longer. Most commonly in today';s world the word refers to loosely fitting sleeveless lingerie garment which has no fitting at the waist and pulls of mass sex appeal and function while keeping you comfortable all the same. As lingerie, a chemise is similar to a babydoll, which is also a short, loose-fitting, sleeveless garment. Typically, though, babydolls are more loose-fitting at the hips and are generally designed to more resemble a young girl's nightgown, although many modern styles have added various sexy features. Making a perfect addition to your evening lingerie collection Bits of Lace offers these garments in many different fabrics including but not limited to, silk, satin, and even sometimes lace. Boasting what's called an A-Line silhouette, these garments will leave your partner breathless and will also lull you right into sleep with its soft lines and subtle appeal.

Good sleepwear is not to be forgotten and is a must have for any fine lingerie collection. Keeping you looking good before bed is very important and these garments are the first step toward looking and feeling your best before bed.

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