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Garter Belts

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12 Item(s)

The queen of bedroom lingerie, the garter belt is a sexy garment worn around the waist with clips to keep stockings up and in place. Most garters sit mid-waist and have adjustable straps for length. Adorn yourself with a garter belt and add spice some to your evenings. Meant to be matched with complimenting lingerie, the garter belt is a must have to any fine lingerie collection or maybe just that last piece to finish your favorite set of sexy apparel.

Also known as suspenders the Garter Belt is a female undergarment which a strip of material that runs across the waist and has connections which the stockings can be latched into to keep them in place. By doing so this creates and very sexy leg presentation which no other garment can offer you. Meant to be worn right at the waist line or just slightly below, if not worn at the proper level they will slowly be pulled down by the stockings themselves. Now more commonly associated with sex appeal the garter belt did not start this way. The belt was invented only with the purpose to keep up your stockings which were at the time a better alternative to the complicated and uncomfortable girdle. Time has passed and now they represent sex appeal and high class lingerie as well as fashion forward garments also. Matching wonderfully with almost any panty or bra, the garter belt is unlike any other lingerie accessory available.

Here at Bits of Lace we want you to feel like a queen, considering that the garter belt is the queen to any set of fine lingerie, don't let this one slip away. Easy to use, remove, and comfortable against your skin these garter belts will pull together a set of cohesive lingerie and finish that set you have been trying to put together with ease.

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