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Plus Size Panties

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3 Item(s)

Bits of Lace specializes in fine European plus size lingerie designed to meet the shape and size of every woman. Our selection of plus size lingerie and panties come in higher size ranges. We only carry brands committed to excellent craftsmanship, use the highest quality fabrics and produce perfectly fitting products, making the wearer feel absolutely beautiful.

Panties are a form of underwear designed to be worn by women and girls below the waist. Typical components include a waistband made of elastic or similar material, and cotton crotch panel also referred to as a gusset. The material is always breathable for comfort. Typically plus size panties were designed for function and not form, but increasingly over time this has changed to the latter. Plus size panties come in many styles shapes and sizes, going from petite to plus sizes they are available to everyone. Here at Bits of Lace we try and offer as many styles as possible so any woman can feel and look her best.

Panties are divided into many types based on certain criteria such as height at which they are worn, width at the sides, and most important of all rear coverage. These categories may vary among brands but usually are similar nonetheless. A plus size panty can range from anywhere from a full brief to a boy short all the way to the very revealing thong or G-string.

The full brief is your basic panty style and has full coverage in the rear and can vary depending on style as to the height worn and the width of the sides. Bikini panties are narrower on the sides than the full brief and are the most common style of panty. Boyshorts are styled after men's briefs and may have short legs extending even blow the crotch; they tend to have a very hip look. Regardless of the style of panty, be sure that you chose the right combination of form and function for yourself.

Forever consistent and always ever changing panties are both a mixture of function and fashion. Going from the ever controversial thong to the reserved full brief there are plenty of types to choose from with no limit of possibilities. Fashion trends change the style, and seasons also influence the colors chosen and patterns designed. One thing remains the same Bits of Lace has you "covered" for any type of panty and plus size lingerie you may desire.

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