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Plus Size-Sports Bras

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5 Item(s)

High Impact Plus Size Sports Bras

Plus Size Sports Bras from Bits of Lace fit and feel like a dream. Active women will enjoy this selection of Plus Size Sports Bras that support a large bust and minimize movement while practicing any level of exercise impact. Our selection of Plus Size Sports Bras will embrace your curves and create a shapely appearance. The fabric selection is designed to wick sweat away from the body almost immediately to keep you cool and dry.

Our Plus Size Sports Bras are made of high quality components and sure to make an excellent addition to any size woman's fine lingerie collection. A necessity for any active woman, especially for women of a larger bust size, is the timeless Plus Size Sports Bra. With seamless tailoring, maximum breathability and a larger cup size, these bras are a must have for the more curvaceous woman seeking a premium exercise.

Designed for extra support to minimize breast movement during physical activity and prevent discomfort, Sports Bras are ideal for any workout routine, whether it is a set of tennis, jogging at the park or at the gym. These bras are a necessity for any woman seeking a less tense workout without the risk of strain or damage to the ligaments of the chest. Available in three reliable styles, including: Maximum support, firm support and Light support, there is a sports bra for every woman at Bits of Lace. When sports bras first came out it was thought that compressing the breast close to the body was more effective than encapsulating it inside of a molded cup. This has been disproved, thus most have a cup that encompasses the breast and supports them instead of pushing them down. Some women still prefer the compression types due to the fact that they reduce the curvature and cleavage of the breast during movement.

With exceptional comfort and durability, these bras are the perfect addition to your physical fitness routine, as well as your closet. Providing support during physical activities and enduring every day wear be sure these bras are made to last. The latest research has shown that wearing a sports bra during exercise protects stretching of the bust by limiting breast movement. Scientists have proven breast is not a muscle and therefore cannot be returned to its original firmness through exercise, thus wearing the proper bra when exercising is strongly advised.

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