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Plus Size Seamless T-Shirt Bras

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6 Item(s)

Bits of Lace Seamless Plus Size bras offer a smooth, rounded presentation under clothing. Seamless bras use special fabrics and technology to ensure lines and straps are invisible. Plus Size Seamless T-Shirt bras ensure your frame is fully supported and covered for the most flawless appearance possible. Plus Size Seamless T-Shirt bras have a light lining inside the cup with the intention of concealing the nipple. T-Shirt bras give the breasts a rounded, shapely presentation and a feminine silhouette. Never to be sheer or reveal the breast, when put to the test it should be relatively invisible while wearing a thin white T-shirt. Embrace your curves in a Bits of Lace Plus Size Seamless T-Shirt bra.

These plus size bras have no raised seams, hooks, or other components that can be seen through an outer garment. Seamless bras fit the breast smoothly under tightly fitting T-shirts, sweaters, light-weight fabric and clingy tops with minimal effort. There are even Strapless bra selections that can be worn beneath T-shirts. When a seamless bra is created the entire bra is knit all in one piece, which eliminates seams caused by knitting multiple fragments of a bra together. The elastics, hook and eye, straps and underwire of these bras are knit into the fabric which reduces the chance of abrasion or friction from rubbing the skin. Made to round out rough lines brought on by other bra styles these bras have no seams that would hint to their existence. Some of these seamless bras come with or even without an underwire for support depending on your desired level. Coming in Contour, Push-Up, Sport, and even sometimes Plunge styles these seamless bras are made to last. A must have for any lady wanting to look appealing under tight clothing, bras like these are a must have to any fine lingerie collection.

No matter what your figure or size, be sure a seamless bra will hide those pesky seams and support your breasts properly. Here at Bits of Lace we strive to find sexy undergarments and offer nothing but the best in quality and sexy lingerie. Be sure no matter what the occasion you are prepared with at least one trusty T-shirt bra.

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