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Full Figure Bras

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Plus size full cup bras provide full coverage and amazing support to full figured women.Full cup bras eliminate cleavage and fully contain the breast tissue inside a high cut, full cup. Bits of Lace recommends full figure bras for women looking to minimize their breast size and appearance. The fuller cups offer extra support on an ample bustline. Shop our complete selection of full cup plus size bras below.

These delightful full figure bras enclose your entire bust in its cups for a brilliant almost un-matched level of support and relief. They bras come in all styles and shapes like most other bras, but these are made to support the fuller figure while still pulling off that sexy and sleek look all women want. These skillfully crafted bras come with an underwire ready to help your bust stay up and stationary. The bras are designed to pull off a nice rounded presentation with all variations of colors and shapes to choose from. Bras such as these are scrutinized to have delicate curves and perfectly set seams for everyday wear. Most are created and designed to promote healthy and active/busy lifestyles. Supportive bras like these are built to stand up to the test of time and with the world class craftsmanship you can only expect from Bits of Lace. These reliable bras are built to cradle and embrace for a well-supported feminine silhouette. There are all kinds of beautiful fabrics to choose from our plus size lace bras with chantilly or stretch lace to a smooth satin finish, if you so prefer. Amazing bras like this provide a sturdy side frame and push the bust center and forward. Even if you feel like you have lost tone to your breast, these bras can correct this concern and provide you with the lift and volume you are looking for. Don't give up if you feel you are not fitting properly; check out our fitting guide on the front page. All women deserve to be happy and healthy, and having the proper bra for your body is a major step.

If you find that other larger sized bras don't properly support you or fit your needs in a bra, look no further. Our bras are made to hold, support, protect and provide comfort for larger size breasts. Bras have been around since the early 1900's, but that's no reason to continue to use a standard bra. Here at Bits of Lace our bra fit specialist will offer you all the support you need to find the perfect fitting bra. Try on a bra made to fit you instead of you fitting yourself into the bra.

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