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Plus Size Demi Bras

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9 Item(s)

Plus Size Demi Cup Bras

Bits of Lace offers a multitude of sexy Plus Size Demi Bras. Demi Bras are styled to enhance cleavage with a straight-across, shelved cup. Widely set shoulder straps frame a beautiful open neckline, creating a natural, womanly silhouette. These bras, which feature fully adjustable straps and a slightly angled demi-cup offer superior comfort and wear ability with any outfit for women with large and small breasts alike, without the concern of spill-over from the top cut of the brassier. Featuring less coverage of the breast than a full cup bra, these bras still maintain superior coverage utilizing solid construction and a supportive frame. Plus size Demi Bras deliver on the promise of supreme support with an underwire and multi-seam cup fabrication. Feel free to browse our selection of Demi cup bras today.

Always delivering the highest quality materials and products, at Bits of Lace you can find all your favorite styles. Whether you are looking for a sexy strapless bra with lace finishes, or a simpler bra with a slight pushup for that extra oomph, without over-enhancing the bust line underneath clothing; you can find it here.

Plus size Demi bras are the perfect complement to most any outfit as they offer an incredible fit, and are a coveted item amongst women’s lingerie, making them a must in every woman’s closet. Great for women who encounter difficulty with an underwire in their bra, plus size demi bras are cut at a slight tilt about 1 inch above the nipple for maximum appeal. These bras are perfect for a daring dress with a lower cut neckline, and for maximum support to enhance the cleavage in a way unparalleled by other bras. At Bits of Lace, for every bra, no matter what style, there are always matching boyshorts, thongs, and even bikinis to enhance your bra even further.

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