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Fabric Care Instructions






Elastic, absorbent, warm

and soft.



Comfortable to wear.

Cotton can withstand high temperatures and can be machine washed, but we recommend cold or warm water for your fine lingerie.

Washing shrinkage between 3% and 5%. Wrinkles and commonly requires ironing.


Extreme softness and shine.




Fine and delicate fabric with

unmatched beauty and fit.



Silk is also thermo protective.

Very gentle care is required to preserve a silk garment.

Many silks are dry clean only.

Hand wash washable silks in cold water

Use a mild soap such as Forever New.

Silk is heat sensitive and is subject to fading and bleeding colors.

DO NOT soak silk or dry with heat. Wash each garment separately.

Dry flat. Fabric tends to crease.

Low heat iron can be used. Use a towel between silk and iron so no heat damage occurs.


Warm soft material.

"Spongy" effect.

Very sensitive to heat and cannot be machine washed.

Handwash only.

Do not use dryer. Hang dry or flat dry. Use mild soaps like Forever New.




Softness and shine.


Supple, fluid fabrics.


Rayon was initially

manufactured in the 1940s

as "artificial silk."

Very Heat Sensitive. Wash on a cold, preferably by hand.

Washing shrinkage between 4% and 7%.

Use mild soap. Creases easily.

Cool Iron.








Consistent quality.

Very easy care.

Can add strength to blends.

Very Heat Sensitive!

These fabrics will melt.

Do not apply high heat.

Machine washable at medium temperature.

Does not crease easily, no ironing.

For all materials:

- Do not use bleach unless you are washing white all cotton blends. 

- Handwash if at all possible!

- Use mild wash soaps, like Forever New or Soak Wash, NOT Woolite. Woolite is only for wool.

- If machine washed, place lingerie in sachets or bags.

- Do not "soak" your lingerie, the colors will bleed.

- Never put fine lingerie in the dryer. This ruins the shape, breaks down the fibers, fades 

  dyes, shrinks garments and shortens the life of your product.



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