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Wireless Bras

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8 Item(s)

Wireless Bras provide shape and support without the use of an underwire. Wireless Bras are extremely comfortable. They make a wonderful choice for lounging, resting, or sleeping. Bits of Lace offers many Wireless Bra selections in different style and fabric combinations to suit every woman's needs

Boasting supreme comfort and no rubbing from an underwire, this style of bra is very useful for highly active women. Usually regarded as the bane of many women's existences, the underwire in a bra can potentially poke, pinch and leave marks after wear. Wireless bras support the breasts without clinching, provides a great natural shape, and also can offer mass sex appeal. One of the benefits of these bras is that you won't feel like you are even wearing one and they offer a double layer of support due to the wire being absent.

Coming in all colors and fabrics like cotton, microfiber, and lace, they are always stylish and sexy. Because of the light build of these bras and the limited number of parts they can wick away sweat quickly and leave you feeling comfortable where other bras would fall behind. These bras are also offered by many well-known brands like Hanky Panky and Antia.

All in all bras made without wires are extremely useful and versatile. Crafted with genuine care to support your back and front while still not inhibiting your movements like most other bras, these bras are sure to impress.

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