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Sports Bras

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5 Item(s)

A Sports Bra differs on how much support is needed and designed based on the type of physical exercise. Athletic bras are built for the active woman's comfort in physical exercise and therefore differ from typical bras. They are sturdier, minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments. Sports bras are a must have for any woman wishing to exercise and be comfortable while doing so. Here at Bits of Lace we strive to provide all size ranges of sports bras including Plus Size Bras.

There are three types of athletic bras available: Maximum, Firm and Light support and are offered in both wireless bra and underwire bra styles. Maximum support offer very firm support for women of a large cup size and the minimum movement of the bust during physical activities such as running, jogging or tennis. These maximum support bras come with seamless tailoring on the inside which brings comfort when exercising. They are also breathable to maximize body comfort. They are built for activities with a medium intensity of movement but where the bust still requires a decent amount of support while moving. The Light support series of bras is also available for use in recreational activities or for just lounging around the house. All in all, any woman can find the proper sport bra for her from these three types. Women with a large bust will want to purchase a style with maximum support, whereas women with a more petite build will want a Firm or Light style bra. When athletic bras first came out it was thought that compressing the breast close to the body was more effective than encapsulating it inside of a molded cup. This has been disproved, thus most have a cup that encompasses the breast and supports them instead of pushing them down. Some women still prefer the compression types due to the fact that they reduce the curvature and cleavage of the breast during movement.

Studies have shown that wearing a sports bra during exercise protects stretching of the bust by limiting breast movement. These bras prevent bouncing and movement of the nipple which will decrease irritation and reduce the stretching of the fatty tissue of the breast. Breasts move in three different planes while exercising, vertically, horizontally and laterally; this figure 8-like motion can and will cause stretching in time. The breast is not a muscle and therefore cannot be returned to its original firmness through exercise, thus wearing the proper bra when exercising is strongly advised.

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