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Nursing Bras

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Designed to make the breastfeeding experience easier and simpler, nursing bras offer simple access to the nipple with detachable cups. Each side of these bras has a flap with a clip or a hook closure to allow the removal of the cups and easy reattachment. Made with new mothers in mind, these bras are among the highest tier in comfort and style. If you are a new mother and thinking about trying a bra made with you in mind, look no further. These bras reduce the stress of breastfeeding and support the breasts in a way a regular bra can’t compare. If you have any doubt, know that choosing a proper bra for nursing will help the mother feel comfortable in any circumstances.

Comparable to the maternity bra, the nursing bra is designed with fuller cups and wider shoulder straps for the new mother in need. During lactation the breasts increase in size and this type of bra is made to support such size. Most women prefer to wear outer wear that makes it easier to access the breasts, but these bras fit perfectly under a large variety of garments. A regular bra is the worst thing for a new mother to wear, because it can cause undue pressure on the breasts and increase the risk of clogged milk ducts and other complications. Typically, these bras come with seamless cups and are lightly lined for extra protection. They are also offer in a range of styles like padded and wireless bras, but primarily the full cup style to allow for support and comfort during nursing.  These bras sacrifice no sex appeal, ranging from signature guipure daisy designs or even a microfiber texture; they are made to make you feel comfortable and secure while still looking like fine lingerie.

Bras have come a long way, and this includes bras for nursing. Research and technology have improved the design of these bras over the years to increase comfort and ease of use. Experts recommend nursing bras that are stretchy and don’t bind the breast in a way that would interfere with milk flow. Shop our complete selection of nursing bras below.

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