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Lace Bras

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8 Item(s)

Lace Bras are the first building block of any set of fine lingerie. Like a clean canvas, these bras offer the opportunity for artistic and intricate designs. With stunning fabric options, these bras are sexy and appealing to the eye. Crafted with meticulous detail and demanding design, bras with lace are among the most sought after kind of bras available. Changing with the seasons and the most current waves of fashion, these garments are among an elite class of lingerie. Here at Bits of Lace we support and value the need for lace in all lingerie.

Lace bras wouldn't be possible without the invention of lace itself, this invention was sparked by the renaissance and high class nobles who demanded clothing that was appealing to the eye. Lace is an openwork type of fabric with a keyhole design made by either machine or by hand. In the modern world most lace is crafted with machines due to the difficulty required to craft it by hand. Crafting lace is an ancient art, originally crafted with silk, linen, or gold threads. Now lace is most often crafted with cotton. Most lace is used in bras and panties, but is also offered in all types of lingerie such as bustiers and garter belts. Bras utilize lace to add extra trim and contrast that offers an unbeatable display of beauty. This trim usually catches the eye with lovely floral designs or modern geometric patterns that enhance the overall look of any piece. These bras are usually paired with underwear of all styles, bikinis, thongs, and full briefs in all sizes including plus size. Ranging from highly feminine to somewhat subtle, lace designs change with the current technology and fashion trends.

Bits of Lace, encourages the use of lace to create a set of beautiful and elegant lingerie. From the simple demi bra to elaborate bustiers, corsets, and sexy garter belts, they almost always use lace in their design. Always delivering on the promise of outstanding quality and amazingly high standards, bras with intricate lace accents are sure to impress.

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