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Demi Cup Bras

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  • Empreinte Grace Seamless Demi Bra

    Empreinte Grace Seamless Demi Bra

    Grace Seamless Demi Bra by Empreinte (18134) style: seamless plunge b...

    Style: 18134

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  • Empreinte Irina Demi Bra Style 08122 byzance

    Empreinte Irina Demi Bra

    Style: elegant demi bra, underwire Fabric: sheer, embroidered tulle, ...

    Style: 08122

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  • Empreinte Lilly Rose Demi Bra 0882 (C-F cup) Black

    Empreinte Lilly Rose Demi Bra

    Style: Molded demi lace bra Fabric: Microfiber damask, Chantilly lac...

    Style: 0882

    Price From:
  • Empreinte Thalia Demi Cup Bra Style 0856 (C-G cup) White

    Empreinte Thalia Demi Bra

    Style: Soft molded demi cup bra Fabric: Sheer tulle with embroidery ...

    Style: 0856

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7 Item(s)

The demi bra is cut straight across the body, covering half of the bust and shelving the breasts. demi literally means "half" in French, and demi bras represent this concept well. A demi bra is cut lower than your typical full cup bra but provides more coverage than a balconnet. Demi bras have wide set straps and are typically cut at a slight angle to enhance presentation and create an open neckline. Usually offering an incredible fit and mass sex appeal, demi bras are a must have addition to all fine lingerie collections.

Crafted in an array of colors and fabrics, you will easily be able to find your favorite fit every time. With endless style options that range from strapless to comfortable t-shirt bras, demi bras truly are the pinnacle of sexy lingerie. Matching wonderfully with any boyshort or bikini panty, the demi style bras go well with almost any ensemble. The demi bra is a wonderful option for petite women who have issues with typical underwire fit. Due to the lower cut across the breast, less underwire is used which can provide a slightly more comfortable fit for women with a compact frame. The demi style is typically worn with low-cut outer garments to enhance cleavage but is versatile enough to be worn with any and all clothing.

Masterfully crafted with high quality components and materials that are intended to last, our bra selection is meant to make you feel comfortable in your skin. Compared to a full cup or a balconnet, the demi offers a nice medium range of coverage and support for the lady looking to wear low-cut style clothing. Although some of these bras may be push up bras as well, these bras are not push up bras and are meant to enhance the bust line without overdoing it. Popular in both petite and plus size bras, any woman can be sure to find the proper demi style bra to add to her collection. Typically only used to achieve a sexier evening wear look, these bras have come a long way and are being used for everyday occasions also. Shop our complete selection of demi bras today.
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