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Demi Cup Bras

The Demi Bra is cut straight across the body, covering half of the bust and shelving the breasts. Demi literally means "half" in French, and Demi Bras represent this concept well; a Demi Bra is cut lower than a Full Cup, but provides more coverage than a Balconnet. Demi bras have wide set straps and are typically cut at a slight angle to enhance presentation and create an open neckline.

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  • Empreinte Daisy Demi Bra Black 08117

    Empreinte Daisy Demi Bra

    Empreinte Daisy Demi Bra 08117 Style: three part, underwire demi bra ...

    Style: 08117

    Price From:
  • Empreinte Misia Demi Bra Style 08137 bleu paon

    Empreinte Misia Demi Bra

    Empreinte Misia Demi Bra Style 08137 style: demi lace bra with underw...

    Style: 08137

    Price From:
  • Empreinte Ornella Demi Bra Style 08147 aquamarine

    Empreinte Ornella Demi Bra

    Empreinte Ornella Demi Bra Style 08147 style: sexy, underwire demi br...

    Style: 08147

    Price From:
  • Empreinte Irina Demi Bra 08122 lilas

    Empreinte Irina Demi Bra

    Style: elegant demi bra, underwire Fabric: sheer, embroidered tulle, ...

    Style: 08122

    Price From:
  • Empreinte Nina Demi Bra 08142 fuchsia

    Empreinte Nina Demi Bra

    Empreinte Nina Demi Bra Style 08142 Style: Demi style bra with lower ...

    Style: 08142

    Price From:

8 Item(s)

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