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Embrace Bra Straps Converter

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Embrace Racerback Bra Strap Converter Clip

The Embrace racer back bra converter clip allows you to easily transform your favorite bra into a racerback style! This is a simple solution that hides the straps even while helping to lift and support your breasts. The clear, detachable bra accessory is discreet and comfortable. No one will see it, and you won’t feel it, either. Try the Embrace bra strap converter today!

Why Use A Bra Strap Converter?

Many women run into the same fashion problems. You might love the look, feel and support of your favorite bra—but with its standard straps, it might not be the best fit for that revealing dress. Guess you’ll just have to keep that bra in your lingerie drawer for the evening, right? Nope! With a bra strap converter clip, you can wear your favorite bra for any occasion. Wear that elegant, thinly cut dress without having to worry about your bra straps playing peek-a-boo.

Of course, it’s not all about fitting into that perfect dress. Some women simply prefer the racerback look or just want to mix things up. Whatever your reasons, a bra converter can help you make it happen comfortably and discreetly.

How Does It Work?

Using the Embrace bra strap converter clip is as easy as putting on your bra! You can put it on behind your back or in front of you if that’s easier. When applying behind your back, simply loosen your straps, reach behind your neck and hook one strap into the clip. Then hook the clip into the other strap and adjust as needed for comfort. It’s that easy!

If you want to put it on in front of you, hook your bra with the back in front of you. Then simply hook the straps in the clip, rotate the bra to its correct position and place your arms through. All set! Try it today!

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