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Bra Glossary


Adhesive (or Backless) Bra - A bra without straps or full back wings that stays in place with medical-grade adhesive; these bras are typically reusable for a limited number of times if cleaned and cared for properly.

Holloywood Adhesives

Balconnet Bra - Often referred to as a Demi Bra the balconnette bra offers half of the coverage of a full cup bra. The Balconnet is often considered a sexy bra and more flirtatious due to its corset-like appearance. The balconnet bra has a straight-across cut which shelves the breast and creates a sultry uplift. This style bra is best suited for breasts that are fuller on the bottom. The straps are wider set giving an open neckline.  Find out more about corset bra design, Click Here.

Balconnet Bra Example

Bandeau Bra - Strapless bra that resembles a band running across the breasts that is often produced without any back clasps or underwire; this bra offers very little support for fuller-busted women and is most appropriate for smaller or augmented breasts.

Hanky Panky Bandeau Bras

Bralette Bras  - Often these bras are referred to as soft cup bras. They are non-wire bras and often are composed of stretch lace, cotton, blends, or micro modal fabrics. Soft cup bras offer the women a relaxed and comfortable experience. Note: bralette bras are for very light support. This bralette bra is best suited for smaller cup sizes, although many women who are D or DD sizes or have augmented breast enjoy them to sleep in and layer with. An example below is the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Retro Bralette.

Hanky Panky Bralette Catalog

Breathable Bras - Made of special fabrics which wick moisture and keep you feeling cool and dry, these types of bras focus on ventilation and comfort; most sports bras fall into the category.

Wicking Bras, Breathable Bras Catalog

Contour Bra (means Padding) - These seamless T-shirt bra styles are lightly padded and constructed with various fabrics and thickness. This contouring helps to conceal the nipple and shapes the breast. Contour bras offer a soft, rounded appearance. They can conceal asymmetry of the breast and breast that have lost tone. Often these seamless bras have an underwire that helps to deliver an excellent lift. View our full selection of Contour Bras.

Contour Bras Catalog

Comfort Bras - The comfort cup bras are ideal for the individual who wants to blend style with fit and ease. The edge of the cup is one soft, single seam that lies across the breast with no extraneous embroidery or ribboning. Bits of Lace has a beautiful selection to choose from. Very often the comfort bras can be a non-wire construction. Be sure to select carefully to determine if the bra is constructed with or without a wire. The example below is comfort bra with a wire.

Comfort cup bra catalog

Convertible Bra - Any bra featuring detachable, often removable straps that are designed to be worn in a variety of ways: X back, strapless, halter and single shoulder, for example; these bras offer a great deal of flexibility and can become invisible under multiple garments including halter tops, asymmetrical necklines and racerback styles.

Catalog of Convertible Bra

Darted Seam Cup Bra - Darted Seam Bras have a single seam running from the base of the cup to the center of the bra, creating a rounder silhouette and providing greater comfort and support.

Catalog Darted Seam Cup Bra

Demi Cup Bra - Demi literally means “half” in French, and Demi Bras represent this concept well.  A demi bra is a sexy bra and constructed to cover the nipple leaving the upper bust exposed. This style bra most often has a vertical seam in the center. Demi Bras are sometimes referred to as Balconnet Bras, but there are slight differentiations. Balconnette bras often have a more diagonal seam, both act to shelve the breasts and feature widely set straps for a more open neckline. View our full selection of Demi Bras.

Demi Cup Bra Catalog

Foam Lined Cup Bra  - Foam Lined Bras have a thin lining inside the cup to conceal the nipple and provide a rounded silhouette. The lining does not add to the size or appearance of the breasts, but smoothes and shapes under garments. Stretch foam lining creates a natural looking silhouette and keeps its shape over time.

Foam Lined Cup Bra Catalog

Front Closure Bra - As opposed to having rows of clasps in the back to adjust the band, front closure bras feature a single clasp at the center front of the bra; these are often preferred for women who have difficulty adjusting and clasping the average bra. Front closure bras are also ideal for women who have recently had surgery.

Front Closure Bra Catalog

Full Cup Bra - Full Cup Bras eliminate cleavage by containing all of the breast tissue inside the bra cup. Full cup bras can have an underwire or be a non-wire bra. The true function of a full cup bra is to deliver absolute support, lift and containment of the breast. Anytime a seam is added to a bra it increases the support and lift of a full cup bra. Some styles get around this by the type of fabric used. For example; satin, strong tulle and guipure fabrics can deliver a smooth appearance. They are seamless T-shirt full cup bras and options if you need maximum lift and support without a seam.

Empreinte Melody Full Cup Bras with Bits of Lace

Maternity Bra - Designed to provide extra comfort and support for women during pregnancy and nursing. When the breasts and body are in a state of flux; the cups are typically more elastic in order to expand and contract as the breasts swell and or empty after nursing. Another main feature of a maternity bra is the straps at the top of the cup can unclasp to open the cup up for nursing the baby. An easy to use clasp is important to open and close but constructed not to pop off on its own. Not all maternity bras have the clap feature and maybe designed for pregnancy only.

Maternity Bra Catalog

Minimizer Bra - Reduces the appearance of the bust approximately a half of a cup size and holds the breasts closer to the body. Minimizers gently redistribute breast tissue to shape, hold, support and lift. The minimizer bra often constructed with an underwire and non-padded fabric. Women who experience gapping between buttons or difficulty in sizing blouses may find a minimizer to be of great use. Here are a few examples you may want to try; Chantelle Brand style #2031 from the Hedona collection or Prima Donna Brand Style #016-1330 from the Satin collection.

Minimizer Bra Catalog

Molded Cup Bra - This type of bra is non-padded. The cup is constructed with Pre sized forms using a heat application on a single piece of fabric. The molded cup bra presents the breasts in a more natural shape and does not conceal the nipples in most cases. The coverage on the bras may vary depending on the style of the bra. The fabric is typically flexible and soft while still remaining taut, strong, and supportive. Here are a few examples you may want to try. Empriente, Melody full cup bra style#0786, Marie Jo, Avero underwire bra style# 010-0410, and Prima Donna, Satin full cup bra style#016-1330.

Molded Cup Bra Catalog

Multi-Positional Bra – Multi-Positional Bra allows for optional position for the bra straps to be adjusted according the requirements of your wardrobe. The straps can be configured on the body in the following options. The conventional position, halter position, X-back (racer back) and sometimes the straps maybe completely removed and clear straps can be substituted. Here are a few examples you may want to try. The Marie Jo Avero multi-positional contour bra style# 10-0416.

Multi-Positional Bra Catalog

Nursing Bra –Designed to aid in breastfeeding, Nursing Bras feature a detachable clasp on the top of the cups that create the ease to access the nipple for feeding. Often these nursing bras are referred to as maternity bras and feature a flexible cup as the breast expands and contracts during pregnancy and nursing.

Nursing Bra Catalog

Padded Bra - This style bra is sexy and functional. The enhance pads or lining of the padded bra increase bust size and cleavage of your natural breast. The padded bras have thicker lining than regular contour bra. Some padded bras move into the graduated padding which is thicker at the base of the cups and tappers at the top to create a natural silhouette. This type of bra often referred to as a push up bra moves the breast up and also gently delivers enlargement. For this style see the example below. We recommend the 010-0147, Padded Push up Bra from the Marie Jo Avero Collection.

Padded Bras, Push Up Bra Catalog

Plunge Bra – Plunge bras create a deep "V" presentation and increase cleavage. These bras are often considered sexy bras construction to position the breast to the center and lift with support from an underwire. These deep plunge bras are the perfect choice for a low neckline wardrobe. The fabric for the plunge bras can be beautiful fashion lace that will have seams, or seamless everyday T-shirt plunge bras as exampled below.

Plunge Bra Catalog

Plus Size Bras/Full Figure Bras - These are generally defined as bras in sizes of 38C plus, but can include large band sizes with smaller cup sizes (ex: 44B) or larger cup sizes with small band sizes (ex: 32G), and large band and cup sizes (ex: 40D to 46 H) Plus size bras are constructed to reinforce the support and lift as well as an extended size range. Let Bits of Lace help you choose the correct size for an everyday bra or fashion bras.

Plus Size Bras/Full Figure Bras Catalog

Push-Up Bra - Push up Bras accentuate cleavage and size. The sexy push up bra is padding and typically has an underwire for support and lift. Some Push-Up bras have small, accompanying removable pads, called cookies, for extra volume. Some have a graduated cup to enhance and lift the bust gradually.

Push-Up Bra Catalog

Racerback Bra - Designed to be invisible under your wardrobe with a T, Y or X back outfit. Racerback bras are typically offered with an underwire for lift and support. Racerback bras deliver a high level of function both in the sports bra and everyday T-shirt bras options. See also the Multi-positional and convertible bras for other options.

Racerback Bra Catalog

Seamless Bra - Often referred to as a T-Shirt Bra, Seamless Bras offer a simple, smooth presentation that is virtually invisible under clothing but is "not" always seam-free. Seamless lingerie has seams that lay very smooth and flat against the skin. Color is important if you desire the presentation to be invisible under light or white tops. We suggest nude, skin, cognac or café colors. The styles can be padded or non-padded/molded. View our full selection of Seamless Bras and Panties.

Seamless Bra Catalog

Sleep Bra/Leisure Bra - A soft, easy to wear, comfortable alternative to going braless when relaxing or sleeping; The sleep Bras are non-wired and typically composed of soft, stretchy fibers that are breathable, or cotton-nylon blends. Some women prefer sleeping in a bra to eliminate ligament pain in the breasts or to reduce tenderness and sensitivity. Try the popular Anita Twin Bra.

image not available

Sports Bras/Athletic Bras - Designed to offer the appropriate amount of support during exercise, sports and other physical activity; available in multiple levels of support from light (best for yoga or pilates) to maximum (best for high impact activities); Bits of Lace provides several sports bra options for full busted women.

Sports Bras Athletic Bras Catalog

Strapless Bra - Strapless Bras are necessary for any clothing that does not provide straps or sufficient coverage to hide a traditional bra; these bras are usually sold with removable straps that increase the versatility of the bra. Strapless bras are a must-have for all women. Bits of Lace carries a wide variety of strapless bra cuts and colors.

Strapless Bra Catalog

Triangle Bra - The triangle cup bra features a lower neckline and a triangle shape to the cup. This style bra helps conceal tone issues or slight asymmetry of the breast. Almost always the triangle bra has an underwire but can be non-wire as well.

Triangle Bra Catalog

Underwire Bra - Underwire Bras have a wire built into the underside of the cup which is intended to lift, separate, shape and provide additional support; we recommend Underwire Bras for fuller busted women in order to minimize discomfort and maximize lift.

Underwire Bra Catalog

Wireless/Soft Cup Bra - Wireless bras are a non-wired design under the cups. The soft cup bra usually has reinforcement in the design such as seams to help to shape the breast. They come in multiple styles and shapes. Ideally for women who may have difficulty or discomfort with an underwire, or recent surgery. Wireless bras are available in multiple styles and fabric combinations.

Wireless/Soft Cup Bra Catalog

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