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5 Summer Vacations And The Lingerie To Pack

Whether you’re flying to the outdoor wonders of the Grand Canyon or to the Caribbean beaches at a luxury resort, packing for a summer getaway is hard work. Once you’ve wiped out the drugstore isles of travel size shampoo and checked off your detailed “don’t forget” lists, you suddenly find yourself staring into the depths of your closet thinking, “what do I pack to wear?” With so many things to consider, […]


Angela Mallen

Angela Mallen: Bits of Lace Woman of the Month 9

You think you’re busy, then you meet Angela Mallen, someone who can only be described as a modern day Wonder Woman. When she’s not working for the Charleston ESPN Classic college basketball tournament, sideline reporting for ESPN3 or giving play-by-play for College of Charleston Women’s Basketball, she’s with her friends, she’s collaborating with a clean […]

Let’s get physical! 2

With Memorial Day now behind us, we can no longer deny it. It’s the four syllable phrase every woman dreads – swimsuit season. Those of us still trying to shed those last few winter pounds can rejoice knowing that they can experience the same comfort and support that Bits of Lace is famous for from […]

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