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8 Lingerie Must-Haves For Halloween

If there’s one holiday that requires you to wear something sexy, its without a doubt, Halloween. In fact it’s the one night out of the year where it’s socially acceptable for women to wear their most risqué costumes without being labeled as a…well you know the word. Whether you’re hosting a graveyard party as an Indian chief or a heavenly angel, […]

Marie Jo Aida Garter Belt $112

Spanx Bra-llelujah Racerback Bra

Baby got back fat? 3

Let’s get real girls… we all need a little help sometimes. Whether it’s a little tummy bulge or a derriere in need of a lift, we’ve all got something to hide. The good news? It’s not just us mere mortals. Celebrities from all walks of life have gone on record praising the almighty power of […]

Spanx: Lookin’ Good! 1

The Holidays are packed with delicious food, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel packed into your jeans. Spanx Power Panties take off any pounds the camera might add and slim your hips like you never tasted one of those Christmas cookies. Easy to wear and comfortable, Spanx takes into account your need for […]

Spanx Power Panties