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8 Lingerie Must-Haves For Halloween

If there’s one holiday that requires you to wear something sexy, its without a doubt, Halloween. In fact it’s the one night out of the year where it’s socially acceptable for women to wear their most risqué costumes without being labeled as a…well you know the word. Whether you’re hosting a graveyard party as an Indian chief or a heavenly angel, […]

Marie Jo Aida Garter Belt $112


5 Summer Vacations And The Lingerie To Pack

Whether you’re flying to the outdoor wonders of the Grand Canyon or to the Caribbean beaches at a luxury resort, packing for a summer getaway is hard work. Once you’ve wiped out the drugstore isles of travel size shampoo and checked off your detailed “don’t forget” lists, you suddenly find yourself staring into the depths of your closet thinking, “what do I pack to wear?” With so many things to consider, […]

Annabelle Push Up Bra

New Fall Arrivals from Prima Donna and Marie Jo 1

Lingerie Queens Prima Donna and Marie Jo reign over ladies underpinnings. Since the early 1900’s, women’s spirits (and breasts) have been lifted by intricate and thoughtfully designed bras and panties from Prima Donna and Marie Jo. If you are a fan, you know it’s true: it only takes one Prima Donna/Marie Jo bra to forever […]

Stockholm Syndrome 2

Whether they be found grooving to the sounds of ABBA or munching on Swedish Fish – a candied delicacy of ancient Viking warriors – beautiful women have long been Sweden’s #1 export. At last, Prima Donna has found a way to match their legendary aesthetic with the newest edition of the bestselling Stockholm collection. Bursting with subtle sophistication and a refined […]

Prima Donna Stockholm Plunge in Geisha

Prima Donna Kolyma Full Cup Bra in Coral

Everything’s Coming Up Roses At Prima Donna 1

Full of beauty, elegance and grace, roses have defined romance for centuries. The Kolyma collection by Prima Donna, inspired by the passionate femininity of the rose, majestically showcases the enduring symbol of romance. With exquisite rose embroidery throughout, the Kolyma Full Cup Bra is nothing short of gorgeous. A three-part cup offers unparalleled support from […]

Prima Donna Amazes with Amazone 5

Ancient Greek mythology tells us that Pandora, the first woman on earth, was given a box containing all the evils of the world and told never to open it. Against firm commands from the almighty Zeus himself, Pandora’s curiosity overcame her and she decided she’d take a quick peek inside. After all, what harm could […]

Prima Donna Amazone Full Cup Bra

Coup de Foudre Contour Bra - Prima Donna Twist - Spring 2011

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

With a French name that means “love at first sight”, it’s easy to see how this set earned its enchanting name. The Coup de Foudre by Prima Donna Twist is sweetly seductive with its picot trim, soft geometric print and delicate bow detailing in the center. Like all things in life, Coup de Foudre’s true […]