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Halle Berry Wearing The Sexiest Bra Ever

Just when we thought nothing could top Halle Berry walking on the beach wearing a tiny orange Eres bikini, we see her last night on Jimmy Kimmel wearing this ensemble (see the video here)! The 49-year-old actress and mother of two, appeared on the popular late night show wearing black fitted trousers and a sheer polo neck top that exposed […]

5 Summer Vacations And The Lingerie To Pack

Whether you’re flying to the outdoor wonders of the Grand Canyon or to the Caribbean beaches at a luxury resort, packing for a summer getaway is hard work. Once you’ve wiped out the drugstore isles of travel size shampoo and checked off your detailed “don’t forget” lists, you suddenly find yourself staring into the depths of your closet thinking, “what do I pack to wear?” With so many things to consider, […]


Diva from Empreinte

Hitting a High Note with Empreinte’s Diva Collection

Do you dream of an endless love with a dependable bra and panty set? A bra that’s simply the best- better than all the rest? This fall we’re raising the curtain on a showstopping collection from Empreinte. So, ladies, leave your man at home. We’ve got something for all the single ladies, the independent women… […]

Kaela – The Girl Who’s Got It All! 2

If you’re like me then you long for luxurious lace – something romantic and sexy to wear underneath your boring office clothes – but when faced with a decision between something pretty versus another beige bra, too often your resolve crumbles and (like me) you ultimately yield to practicality. Lucky for us, Empreinte understands our […]

Empreinte Kaela Boyshort Panty

Empreinte Roxane

Empreinte Seduces with Roxane 2

In electric purple and featuring non-stretch straps for ultimate lift and support, the Empreinte Roxane* has a queenly presence amongst her lingerie subjects. Brilliant embroidery across the balconnet bust-line on structured tulle creates a round, sexy shape with complimentary cleavage and an open neckline. Soft detailing and smooth straps will disappear under form-fitting dresses or […]

Marie Jo Push-Up bra

Gifts for Her: Under $175

These are signature gifts that will put a small on her face– and yours– every time she puts it on.  Here are a few items that are beautiful and elegant. 1. This Empreinte Melody Plunge Bra is gorgeous and sexy.  If your woman wears plunging necklines, this is the one for her.  It also has […]

Take the Plunge with Empreinte Thalia Contour Plunge

If there’s one item that I hear oohed and ahhed over every day, it’s the Empreinte Thalia Contour Plunge. These bras are expertly made and tested by women just like you for fit, comfort and overall wear-ability. The Thalia Plunge passes these tests with flying colors, and doesn’t leave out sexy in the process! A […]

Empreinte Thalia Plunge in black