Ask many full busted women their bra brand of choice and they will start raving about Prima Donna. Prima Donna is a Belgian lingerie company, who supplies expertly fitting bras to women across the globe. Prima Donna bras are highly sought after. Women with larger cup sizes know they can expect a great fit paired with style. Prima Donna is known for “pretty bras in larger sizes.”

Prima Donna lingerie has a long and colorful history, including great leaps in creativity and multiple changes in method, style and structure. Their roots trace back to 1865. The company was originally founded in Germany by Salomon Lindauer. Lindaur’s primary focus for Prima Donna was to provide elegant lingerie for the “self-confident, naturally shaped woman.”

The innovative company evolved from producing primarily corsets to manufacturing bras for full-busted women. Prima Donna changed hands from S. Lindauer & Co, (Wilhelm Meyer-Iischen in 1938) to its current ownership, the Belgian Van de Velde  in 1990; great changes began here. Van de Velde revitalized the line and made priorities of comfort, fashion, and fit; their mission is “to shape the body and mind of women”. Prima Donna has been renowned for over 140 years for their luxury lingerie that holds a timeless appeal.

The Prima Donna bra making process takes over two years from start to finish. It begins at Prima Donna’s Belgium headquarters, where a design team chooses colors, styles and fabrics for lines to be released in two years. Once the design is finished, each piece has samples created. These samples on tested on real women; they demo the bra and take note of every single feature: the fit, the fabric, the color, the straps, the cups, the seams– everything you might imagine! Prima Donna considers each and every note and suggestion and makes appropriate fixes to ensure the highest quality product. After changes have been made and re-tested, production begins. Each piece of a Prima Donna bra is hand cut and sent off premises to be manufactured. Upon their return to Belgium, Prima Donna bras go through rigorous quality assurance. In fact, entire departments of people are employed to examine the bras by hand. After the quality assurance stage, the bras are deemed ready to sell and shipped to boutiques around the world.

The process is quite amazing and time consuming, but the end result is truly a fabulous piece of lingerie. Prima Donna’s quality and craftsmanship is unmatched by any other lingerie company in the world.