Get Social With Us!

The cornerstone of Bits of Lace is our relationship with our awesome customers! We are passionate about getting to know the women who come shop with us, and continuing those relationships for years to come. Unfortunately, if you’re unable to shop with us in person it’s sometimes  easy to feel out of the loop with what’s […]



Choosing the Perfect Wedding Night Lingerie

Planning a wedding is such an exciting experience. All the little details that you and your husband-to-be choose have meaning to you both, and make the day something to cherish for the rest of your lives. One of those little details is choosing the perfect wedding night lingerie. There are so many varieties of bridal […]

In Transition

August is always a month of transition- kids going back to school, autumn activities and obligations starting up, work moving into high gear after vacation season, etc. While it’s easy to resist this change and dread the end of the relaxed summer months, with the right preparation we can embrace the new season and feel excited, […]



8 Guidelines to Help You Feel Confident in Lingerie

The female form comes in all shapes and sizes, and these differences should be celebrated. Finding lingerie that suits your body and style can take perseverance, but the rewards of finding your perfect fit are endless. Wearing beautiful lingerie is not solely something to do in order to entice your partner, but rather a very […]

4 Bras You Need This Fall!

We don’t mean to wish away summer, but with the end of July already upon us there’s no denying that autumn is on its way. Here at Bits of Lace fall collections have already started to arrive and it’s getting us excited for the new season ahead! Here are a few of our favorite collections […]



Lingerie is for Every Body

As body-positive lingerie professionals, we believe that women are gorgeous at any size. Regardless of size, there’s no reason that voluptuous women can’t pull off even the most provocative silhouettes. Personally we like to take a cue from the legendary allure of French women. Regardless of size or age, French women know that wearing lingerie […]

Women We Love: Myla Dalbesio

Here at Bits of Lace, we’re constantly celebrating the diverse beauty of women. We firmly believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and, as lingerie specialists, are here to complement and support the many varieties of the female form each day. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a long history of promoting a limited […]


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Collection Spotlight: The Kensington

We all have those “go-to” bras in our lingerie drawer. You know the ones we mean- a solid neutral colored t-shirt bra that provides simple, every-day coverage. It’s comfortable and get the job done, but isn’t exactly “exciting”. While everyone certainly needs those staple bras, sometimes a girl needs to spice things up with a little color and […]

Red White & Blue!

  We’re so excited that the Fourth of July weekend has finally arrived (even though it seems like just yesterday that we were just celebrating Memorial Day)! To celebrate the patriotic summer holiday we’re featuring three of our best-selling Prima Donna Bras in America’s favorite colors. Take a look! 1 // Couture Bra in “Red Kiss” Every woman needs a great red bra […]

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11 Tips for Buying Lingerie

Lingerie was first developed in the late nineteenth century as a way to free women from the constricted and unattractive undergarments of the time. Since then, lingerie has come a long way and today’s garments are made with comfortable, high-quality fabrics and diverse designs. If you’re thinking about buying lingerie for the very first time, […]