A sixty-year veteran in the lingerie world, Empreinte is a French company that creates fabulous lingerie for full busted women seeking beautiful, sexy bras. Empreinte has a legacy of delivering fashion forward bras that still deliver a flawless fit and amazing support.

Empreinte is constantly evolving, taking notice of women’s ever-changing needs and emerging design innovations. Empreinte was one of the first lingerie manufacturers to launch a bra with a deep and “revolutionary lift effect”. Since their launch in 1950, Empreinte has positioned itself as a large cup size specialist. Empreinte delivers collections that all women can enjoy; timeless styles, beautiful color palates, spectacular fabric selections and of course, an amazing fit.

From humble beginnings to world renowned lingerie brand, Empreinte began with just a four-person operation under founder Jean Le Her. Within a few years, the team was built up to fifteen employees. In the 1950’s, two female seamstresses were on hand to create bras in cup sizes A-C. They designed pieces that catered to the new American fashion trend: enhancing the female figure, instead of covering and concealing. It wasn’t long until the duo turned out cup sizes D and E to keep up with women’s demands.

In the years that followed, Empreinte grew quickly. They began showcasing their models, further added to their staff and moved to a larger factory. In the blink of an eye, Empreinte was designing its first strapless bra, creating a swimwear line, and most recently, designing bras in a G cup.

Empreinte specializes in large cup sizes, with a current size range of 32C-46G, and understand women’s many unique body shapes, needs and concerns. With each new collection, Empreinte creates a variety of full figure styles and shapes to accommodate all types of large busted women. Each piece of an Empreinte bra is custom designed, engineered and tested to deliver the highest quality product. Here is a fascinating breakdown of each part of an Empreinte bra.

Cups: Empreinte designs its bra cups with fabrics that have no elastine thread: primarily tulle, lace or special microfiber. These fabric choices retain their shape, even with repeat and continued wear. The fabrics’ non-stretch qualities keep women’s breasts supported and in place. An added benefit is the beauty of these fabric selections. Tulle and lace construction is very sexy, often appearing sheer and decorative.

Back band: Empreinte extensively researches fabric types to properly design their lingerie. Their current back band fabric choice has fantastic fitting qualities. The industry standard for back band elasticity is 140% stretch, while Empreinte’s back band elasticity is only 100%. This ensures that the back band reverts to its original shape and does not over stretch after extensive wear. Empreinte back bands pull from the front to back to properly lift and support the weight of the breasts.

Straps: Different from many lingerie brands, Empreinte bra shoulder straps have very limited elasticity. Empreinte shoulder straps only stretch to 30%- the standard strap elasticity is 50%. The bra straps attach centrally to the back band and create a perfect balance of the breasts on the body. Empreinte calls this unique construction a “Chimney Strap”. Empreinte increases a bra’s strap width in relation to its cup size- this ensures the straps do not dig into a woman’s shoulders, regardless of their bra size. Empreinte’s elasticity details guarantee a longer life for their high quality bras. The less stretch in a bra’s composition, the longer the bra will stay intact and true to size.

Underwire: Empreinte uses a full, closed underwire in the underside of the bra cups. Many lingerie companies use thin underwires and do insert a full circle underwire. Empreinte uses thick underwires which keeps the wire from twisting. Empreinte underwires lay flat and secure, conforming to the natural curvature of a woman’s body. A full underwire accentuates the shape of the breasts, keeping them separated and centered. A full underwire creates a beautiful, allover slimming effect.

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