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Sorry, I’m Not Sorry.

It wasn’t until I graduated from college, living and working independently, that I realized just how often I was saying “I’m sorry”. My daily dialect included phrases such as- “I’m sorry, can I ask you a question?… Sorry, can you zip up my dress?…I’m sorry, I’m not interested in dating.” I’m astounded at how apologetic […]


Melody framboise

Fall Fashion meets Full Figure Bras

For 60 years Empreinte has been answering the call of women everywhere who need the proper support and lift from their bras. Their full cup bras offer just that. The presentation, shape and styles are like no other plus size bras available. All of their pieces are crafted with high attention to detail and old […]

Empreinte Kaela Boyshort Panty

Kaela – The Girl Who’s Got It All! 2

If you’re like me then you long for luxurious lace – something romantic and sexy to wear underneath your boring office clothes – but when faced with a decision between something pretty versus another beige bra, too often your resolve crumbles and (like me) you ultimately yield to practicality. Lucky for us, Empreinte understands our […]

Looking for a few good bras?

Pssst… Want a great deal? June is here and what better way to kick off the summer than to freshen up your wardrobe with four new additions to your top drawer? This month only, Bits of Lace is offering an oh-so-enticing special on one of our bestselling brands – choose any THREE Chantelle bras from […]

Chantelle C Chic Racerback Bra

Anita Active Wireless Sports Bra

Let’s get physical! 2

With Memorial Day now behind us, we can no longer deny it. It’s the four syllable phrase every woman dreads – swimsuit season. Those of us still trying to shed those last few winter pounds can rejoice knowing that they can experience the same comfort and support that Bits of Lace is famous for from […]