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Coobie Intimates

Introducing Coobie Intimates We are excited to share our brand new line of Coobie Intimates with you! Every girl needs those go to camisoles in a variety of colors that can be paired with any outfit. Offering several style options in an array of colors, you will definitely need to add these to your wardrobe. […]


Spanx Power Panties

Spanx: Lookin’ Good! 1

The Holidays are packed with delicious food, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel packed into your jeans. Spanx Power Panties take off any pounds the camera might add and slim your hips like you never tasted one of those Christmas cookies. Easy to wear and comfortable, Spanx takes into account your need for […]

Sassybax Leggings keep you Slim and Snug

‘Tis the season to wear leggings! The legging: my favorite piece of clothing by far. With an opaque knit and elastic slimming properties, the Sassybax Bottoms Up legging does double duty: it slims while it styles! Sassybax leggings boast a range of versatility that make them a staple in every wardrobe! Lace and Love, Tara […]

Sassybax legging