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Why We Moved Locations and How We’re Looking Forward

When we publicly announced that, after being in business for over 39 years in downtown Charleston, our 302 King Street store would be closing its doors and expanding to Mount Pleasant, we admit we weren’t sure of how our customers and the local community would welcome the news. For years our lingerie boutique has been a local, […]

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Women And Their Lady Lumps

You can grow them, buy them, lose them, and even lift them… yes ladies, we’re talking about your two best friends that rest directly in the middle of your chest. Breasts, boobs, “ta-ta’s”, which ever name you choose to call them, the fact of the matter is, every female is born with them. Although no […]



Even Joan Rivers Needs a Bra Fitting!

(Image Courtesy: InTouch) Celebrities…they’re just like you and me, right?  Well not exactly in terms of lifestyle, but one can assume they deal with similar personal dilemmas on a daily basis. For women, one of the biggest challenges is finding a bra that actually looks pretty yet is comfortable, multifunctional, and supportive. However, most women […]

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry.

It wasn’t until I graduated from college, living and working independently, that I realized just how often I was saying “I’m sorry”. My daily dialect included phrases such as- “I’m sorry, can I ask you a question?… Sorry, can you zip up my dress?…I’m sorry, I’m not interested in dating.” I’m astounded at how apologetic […]


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Take a splash into Summer!

  With all of the cold weather and snow storms that have been hitting Charleston recently, I can’t help but dream of summer. From the beaches to going on the boats, or anytime I am around water I know I want to have a great swim suit on. Luckily for those of us who love […]

Molded vs. Contour Cups

When it comes to bras the options are endless, so much so that finding the perfect bra can be a daunting undertaking. For most women, the task is often avoided and we are stuck wearing the same old ill fitting brassiere. At Bits of Lace we specialize in bra fittings by trained professionals, ensuring that […]

Molded vs. Contour cup bras

Cindy and Ruth on Fitting Day

How Cindy “Got Even” with Ruth 4

Cindy Greenwood, Bits of Lace October Woman, underwent a mastectomy in 2004 and has since struggled to find a bra that accommodates for the removal of her left breast. Her quest for a perfect bra ended upon her first fitting session with Bits of Lace Owner, Ruth Brennan. A Registered Nurse for 19 years, Ruth switched careers in 2001 […]