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Lingerie is a critical foundation garment for women. It’s easy to think of it as an embellishment for the enjoyment of your significant other, but lingerie serves a much broader purpose. Whether you are a high-powered business executive or a school teacher, you need dependable basics under your wardrobe to help you look and feel […]

Womens Body Types

Angela Mallen

Angela Mallen: Bits of Lace Woman of the Month 9

You think you’re busy, then you meet Angela Mallen, someone who can only be described as a modern day Wonder Woman. When she’s not working for the Charleston ESPN Classic college basketball tournament, sideline reporting for ESPN3 or giving play-by-play for College of Charleston Women’s Basketball, she’s with her friends, she’s collaborating with a clean […]

Ride Down an Autumn Road with Charlotte from Marie Jo

Late August: a time when the sun dips lower in the sky, blowing a slight chill through the evening air. Autumn is breezing its way into town and Marie Jo has designed a late summer collection for women dreaming of cooler months. Charlotte’s breathtaking color palate draws inspiration from a changing landscape. Wear a set […]

Charlotte: A Fall Collection


Live From the Bits Of Lace Window, Bitsy and Lacey

Well hello there. We’re Bitsy and Lacey. We and the other Bits of Lace mannequins sit here in window relaxing, basking in the sun and people watching. You’ve seen us sitting here for years now and we’ve seen you, too. We’ve watched mother/daughter shopping duos, new CofC students, breast cancer survivors, athletes and every other […]