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Lingerie is a critical foundation garment for women. It’s easy to think of it as an embellishment for the enjoyment of your significant other, but lingerie serves a much broader purpose. Whether you are a high-powered business executive or a school teacher, you need dependable basics under your wardrobe to help you look and feel […]

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The Travel Bag Every Woman Is Going Crazy For

Traveling… it’s a love-hate relationship that all women can relate to in some way or another. On one hand, we love the luxury of relaxing and indulging in new cultures, yet on the other hand, we absolutely despise the inevitable chore of packing and unpacking. Most women have mastered a traveling regimen of waiting until the night before, or even the morning of, […]



Not Your Ordinary Candle Gift

Try to think back to all the gifts you’ve ever given and/or received throughout your life… Ok, we know that’s impossible, but if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that you’ve probably gifted or been gifted a candle at some point in your life. Since candles are relatively inexpensive, come in […]

Mrs. Charleston, Kristen Hopson

We have been so fortunate to partner with the reigning Mrs. Charleston, Kristen Hopson. She recently joined us at our boutique for an event to raise awareness for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and benefit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. What a beautiful woman, inside and out! Kristen was driven to compete for Mrs. Charleston because […]

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Sassybax legging

Sassybax Leggings keep you Slim and Snug

‘Tis the season to wear leggings! The legging: my favorite piece of clothing by far. With an opaque knit and elastic slimming properties, the Sassybax Bottoms Up legging does double duty: it slims while it styles! Sassybax leggings boast a range of versatility that make them a staple in every wardrobe! Lace and Love, Tara […]

Hollywood Fashion Tape Helps You Look Fabulous!

For every little mishap there is a little solution: Hollywood Fashion Tape. Hollywood Fashion Tape takes care of all the “uh-oh” and “oh-no!” moments that are bound to happen sometimes. This super sticky, safe-on-fabrics tape will assist you with an emergency hem, closing that little gap between buttons and hiding small rips or tears that […]

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Forever New

Forever New Fabric Care Wash Keeps Bras Beautiful Longer

A new bra, how exciting! If only you could keep it that way forever… Problem, meet solution. Literally. Forever New Fabric Wash is an extra gentle, but super powerful garment wash that uses organic and biodegradable ingredients to promote longer life for your favorite lingerie and hosiery. Forever New is available in a granular form […]

Honey, put your DIMRs on!

Feeling a little nippy? We’ve got you covered with DIMRS, feather-light silicone nipple covers that are completely invisible under clothing. These handy little accessories eliminate embarrassing nip appearances and adhere naturally to the skin with just a little bit of water. They’re great for any type of clothing: swimsuits, sports bras, form fitting tops and […]

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