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Designer Spotlight: Hanky Panky

Founded in 1977, Hanky Panky is widely famous today for their revolutionary, one-size-fits-all thong. Today the company continues to be an inspiration to all entrepreneurial women. Founder Gale Epstein first started the company when she crafted a one-of-a-kind bra and panty set from Chinese handkerchiefs given to her by neighbor and friend Lida Orzeck. From […]

Hanky Panky


The Best Shapewear for Any Occasion

The right shapewear can seriously change your life. No matter what your clothing size, weight, or level of fitness, every woman can benefit from shape wear.  Yes, every woman. Those red carpet perfect celebs you see at award shows?  Yep, they are wearing shape wear. Those gorgeous actresses you see in films and on TV? They, […]

How Popular Lingerie Styles Differ Across Countries

“I think the meaning of sexy is something is attractive and also elegant at the same time, which can make you more confident.” This quote from Elle Magazine’s international survey of fashion editors, about the role that lingerie can play in our everyday lives—making us feel at once desired by others, and desirable in our […]

Lingerie Across the World


The Evolution of Lingerie

Eve may have cornered the market on fig leaves, but women’s underwear has come a long way since she tempted Adam with the forbidden apple. Going back to the days of the pharaohs, loincloths were the first recorded undergarment (aside from fig leaves) worn by women. The cloth was wrapped around the hips, through the […]


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Night Lingerie

Planning a wedding is such an exciting experience. All the little details that you and your husband-to-be choose have meaning to you both, and make the day something to cherish for the rest of your lives. One of those little details is choosing the perfect wedding night lingerie. There are so many varieties of bridal […]


Lingerie is for Every Body

As body-positive lingerie professionals, we believe that women are gorgeous at any size. Regardless of size, there’s no reason that voluptuous women can’t pull off even the most provocative silhouettes. Personally we like to take a cue from the legendary allure of French women. Regardless of size or age, French women know that wearing lingerie […]