4 Spring Bra Trends You Must Try

Already getting sick of cold weather? Yep, us Charleston gal’s are too! But don’t worry ladies, our spring season of bra and panties are arriving as we speak! Part of what makes the arrival of an upcoming season’s collection so exciting, are seeing the new trends and colors! All over the runways this season we […]



Why A Sports Bra Is Just As Important As Any Other Bra

New gym membership- check! Five pairs of Lululemon leggings- check! Scuff free Nike sneakers- check, check, and check! But before you get too excited about working out in your latest fitness gear at Soul Cycle, ask yourself this: are the support of your sports bras compatible with the intensity of your workouts? It’s safe to […]


When it comes to lingerie, #EveryoneHasAStory. Among those stories are descriptions of lifestyle activities that coincide with the choices, both women and men, make about their undergarments. Although, each person’s individual needs are different from the other, there is one parallel similarity… we all have a story about who we are, where we are, and […]



New Year, New Bras

We don’t know about you, but 2014 was an exceptional year! We opened a second store location in Mount Pleasant, our team of employees expanded, and we shot our very first television commercial! Yet, out of all the amazing things that happened over the last year, our proudest moments happened behind the doors of the […]

Meet Our Intern, Asheton

Welcome our newest Bits of Lace Intern, Asheton! Asheton Rose Graham, 20, attends college at The Art Institute of Charleston where she is majoring in Fashion Design. We are pleased to have her join our team!   1. Who is your favorite fashion designer? – Elie Saab and Ralph Lauren   2. What is your […]



What To Wear Christmas Morning

The holiday week is here, and we couldn’t be more excited for the big man in red to shimmy down the chimney! The tradition of Christmas morning is different for every family. Some wake up at 6AM to open gifts, while others, indulge in a traditional American breakfast before racing to the tree. However, one […]

Not Your Ordinary Candle Gift

Try to think back to all the gifts you’ve ever given and/or received throughout your life… Ok, we know that’s impossible, but if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that you’ve probably gifted or been gifted a candle at some point in your life. Since candles are relatively inexpensive, come in […]



Santa, Bring Me Swimwear!

Being that we live in Charleston, it seems only fitting that our Countdown to Christmas would include a gift idea that reminds us of sunny days and cocktails by the pool! Whether you, or someone you know, have plans to travel some place warm for the holidays- or cold (hot tub anyone!?), our latest arrivals […]

10 Days Until Christmas Countdown

Our 10 Days Until Christmas Countdown is finally here, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably waited until these last few days to finish up your “elf-ly” duties! We hear it all the time from our customers, “I have no idea what to get her/him”, but luckily our staff of lingerie experts knows just […]



Halloween Stockings You’ll Keep

It’s that time of year again…where children and adults around the world transform into costumes of their favorite characters, animals, or haunted creatures. For young trick-or-treaters, Halloween is the one time out of the year they can collect and indulge endless amounts of free candy from neighbors or friends. As for adults, it’s an evening […]