Mixing Lingerie With Your Style

    When you think about fashion and your personal style, typically your bra and underwear wardrobe doesn’t come to mind. Shoes, handbags, clothes, and accessories encompass the essentials for your every day fashion, yet what most women don’t realize is that your personal style begins with your lingerie. Think about it- You wear a strapless dress…you […]

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    Bras to Expect, When You’re Expecting

    Televisions, cars, refrigerators… they all have one thing in common, and that is that they come with a manual. When you’re feeling doubtful or confused, there’s nothing better than having a clearly written out blueprint on how to use and manage products. Yet, one particular life essential that does not come with a personalized how-to […]

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Own an Eres Swimsuit

    For some women, searching for the perfect swimsuit- as in one that magically sheds 15 pounds- is a terribly dreadful process. The fit must be flattering, the color striking, and the fabric durable. There are many issues that affect your swim apparel during the summer such as color fade, fabric picking, and loss of elasticity. […]

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    New York State of Mind

    (Erin Yates & Zee Patel)   (Erin Yates & Zee Patel) (Empire State Building) (Sherrie (Atlanta), Marta (Conturelle Rep), Zee, Erin, and Adrienne (Nashville))   It’s true there’s no place like New York City. From the sky scraping buildings in the Financial District to the high end shopping on 5th avenue, the city is bursting […]

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    The Sleepwear Dilemma Every Woman Faces

    We hear this story all the time, in fact almost every single day. It begins such as this… “I want something my husband will enjoy seeing me in, but also that I can wear in front of my children, family, or house guests.” Let’s be honest women are busy, and having to change their sleepwear […]

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    Even Joan Rivers Needs a Bra Fitting!

    (Image Courtesy: InTouch) Celebrities…they’re just like you and me, right?  Well not exactly in terms of lifestyle, but one can assume they deal with similar personal dilemmas on a daily basis. For women, one of the biggest challenges is finding a bra that actually looks pretty yet is comfortable, multifunctional, and supportive. However, most women […]

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